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Answers to your carpet stretching questions.

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Carpet is cost effective, but it won’t have the same lifespan as a hard-surface floor. However, there are ways to extend the life of carpet and keep it looking great for years and years. Regular cleaning, re-applying protector and a re-stretching or repair can keep carpets looking good. Consider the benefits of carpet stretching to repair it.

We are going to focus on the re-stretching and repairing part of carpet maintenance.  You should investigate these services when you notice small ripples or areas of the carpet bunched together, not only because it is unsightly but also because it is a tripping hazard.

What causes carpet bunching or ripples?

Normal carpet wear, sliding around heavy furniture, playing with a pet or exceptionally high foot traffic can cause a carpet to ripple in areas. Installation or manufacturing mistakes can also result in these problems.

Carpet is made of four layers.

The first layer is the yarn that you walk on. The second layer is the primary backing. The third layer is a secondary backing, and each layer is held together by a latex adhesive. Since the adhesive generally contains a type of clay made out of marble dust, it absorbs moisture and expands. When this happens, the expansion will cause a buckle.

Applying new carpet in the winter can also increase the risk of ripples. When it is cold, the carpet backing is stiff and difficult to stretch. When the warm summer months approach, the backing will relax, and then bubbles will appear in the carpet. While the problem seems minor, if it is not addressed it can cause more extensive rippling and eventually need replacement.

Why consider carpet stretching

Carpet stretching can solve many issues with minimal expense. Stretching will help the carpet look flush again. It will also make the cleaning process more effective because quality cleaners and vacuums will pull the loose fabric causing more damage to the flooring.  Stretching will lengthen the lifespan because it pulls the underlying warp and it redistributes the patterns of wear. The process can be fairly simple, and homeowners usually don’t need to remove all the furniture from a room.

How does it work?

Carpet cleaning professionals use a power stretcher for most of the work. A smaller stretcher, also known as a knee kicker, is used for tight corners. The padding tack boards are sometimes replaced to create a stronger grip for the carpet. As the carpet is stretched, the excess carpet is trimmed away, the flooring carpet is re-secured against the wall and in doorways with a staple gun. During the stretching process, it is also possible to patch stains or holes in the carpet.

Who can help?

While it is possible to DIY a carpet stretching project, we recommend hiring a professional who has experience and the necessary tools that reduce the likelihood of mistakes, such as broken seams or additional damage to the material. If you have any other questions, Sooner Carpet can answer them, or hire us to tackle the project for you.